England World Cup Preparation

London – The heavy mission that carried the England World Cup Preparation as a national team in the 2018 World Cup who are members of the fasting championship title. To achieve it, The Three Lions appear different motivation. So says captain Harry Kane.

England World Cup Preparation

England come to the World Cup 2018 with a status of one world title player. The only trophy was achieved when winning the World Cup in 1966 or more than 50 years ago. Cool to lift the trophy, England can never repeat his achievements again. His best achievement was only ranked in the 1990 World Cup.

No doubt, Gareth Southgate army in Russia to be able to repeat the achievements of Bobby Moore. But Southgate so that his colleagues can perform differently and practically on their own, instead of meditating on the look of the legend.

“The important thing is to be different, it is very difficult in the last 50 years because there is none,” Kane told to Sky Sports.

“For We are staying focused and ourselves, do not think about the same time, and we are us, we have us and we must be patient to perform and start it,” continued the Tottenham Hotspur striker.

World Cup 2018 will roll June 14 to July 15. Britain are grouped in Group G with Belgium, Panama and Tunisia.

england world cup preparation

5 Player In Team From Tonttenham Hotspurs

Five names out of 23 players who brought to join with England World Cup Preparation to Rusia are from The Spurs. These players can do hinder the pace of England.

The five Tottenham players are Danny Rose, Kieran Trippier, Eric Dier, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane who act as The Three Lions Captain in England World Cup Preparation. The Lilywhites also contributed the most players in the England squad, even ahead of Manchester City and Manchester United who finished two tops in the Premier League 2017/2018.

The inclusion of five Tottenham players to the England squad is inseparable from the north London club’s positive trend. In the last three seasons, they have been consistent on the top flight with a runner-up once and twice finishing in the league.

Nevertheless, it is time for these Tottenham players to be intellectuals. There is yet another talented person in the world who needs the World Cup. It expressed Arsenal legendary defender Tony Adams who gave some statement ahead of England World Cup Preparation 2018.

“You need to be able to use emotions and bounce, and if they do not know how to behave as the champion, they will not be champions,” Adams told ESPN.

“I’m really worried about these Tottenham players, I do not think they know how to win.”

“They are really good players, but at points in a season and a tournament you have to level up, there is a spirit that players must have,” he added.

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