Spain vs Netherlands LIVE World Final

Spain vs Holland , the most anticipated match of the 2010 World Cup South Africa, the final of the whole cup.

Spain vs Netherlands , this is the last game, this is the great final of the 2010 South Africa World Cup. Today, Sunday July 11, Spain and Holland will meet in the Soccer City stadium of the city of Johannesburg, you can watch Spain vs Holland live for the final of the World Cup South Africa 2010. The game Spain vs Netherlands live will be played at 20:30 hours from Spain .

On Sunday at Soccer City, there will be the Grand Final of the World Cup, the two greats, Spain and Holland , will make history in football, who will be crowned like many other teams: Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England and France

For all those who want to watch the live broadcast of Spain vs Holland to 2010 they should only be attentive to the transmission time of their countries. You can see it from redirect .