Belgium Destroy Neymar Dreams In World Cup 2018

Belgium Destroy Neymar Dreams In World Cup 2018. Brazilian midfielder Paulinho believes it is more difficult to accept the fact of being eliminated at the 2018 World Cup than during the 2014. Paulinho’s statement is quite surprising because in four years ago Brazilian football experienced a very bad tragedy. How not to act as host Brazil failed to meet the high expectations of the public to become champions. Not only that, the way Brazil was eliminated at that time was also very embarrassing. The hosts were made powerless by Germany in a 1-7 semi-final defeat.

Belgium Destroy Neymar Dreams In World Cup 2018

However, according to Paulinho, hurt in 2014 was nothing compared to when eliminated in the 2018 World Cup.

timnas belgia

“For me, the two things are hard to accept, and 2014 is too complicated to explain, but the situation this time, it’s very difficult to accept,” said Paulinho quoted from the website Goal on Saturday (7/7/2018).

“See how we got knocked out: Brazil is fighting until the last second in a game that is heavily dominated by us,” Paulinho added. – Read more at here.

In this 2018 World Cup, Brazil fell in the quarter-finals after losing to representatives of Europe, Belgium with a score of 1-2. According to Gabriel Jesus, this defeat really makes himself hit because the 2018 World Cup became his debut.

“The defeat was frustrating, everyone knew it was my dream,” Gabriel Jesus said.

“I have worked hard to achieve this level, but this defeat is very difficult to accept,” the Manchester City player added.

In the last four World Cup editions, the European team is a scourge for the Brazilian national team. Before Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands (2010) and France (2006) also repatriated the Samba Team in the quarter-finals.

Assistant coach of the Belgian National Team (Timnas) also a football legend from France, Thierry Henry, tried to calm Neymar Jr. It was after a match that brought Brazil vs Belgium in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup that took place at Kazan Arena on Saturday (07/07/2018) early morning hrs. After an endless 2-1 game for the Belgian kemengan, Neymar the bestatus as the main star Canarinha-Brazil nickname- bowed flagging. Not up there, attacker mainstay Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was seen crying.

Brazil lost to belgium laso have some impact for Indonesian people. As you know that the Indonesian loves to gamble. Most of them are going all in on Brazil, sadly they only wasting their money. After make a free account / daftar akun judi bola – in Indonesia language – most of the crowd feel sad when neymar and friends.

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