England Defeat Colombia from Penalty

England defeat Colombia on penalties by 4-3 win in the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup, at Otkrytiye Arena on Tuesday (3/7/2018). Both teams had to play penalty round after the 1-1 score lasted up to 120 minutes. Behind this euphoria, there is so many gamblers losing money in Indonesia. As we know that england has the chance to win the match but the late scoring from colombia make they lose the cash. Yup, based on what we see from agen sbobet terpercaya in Indonesia, they gave england odds for winning the match with at least 1/2. Read the article below to find out what happen last night in Russia.

England Defeat Colombia from Penalty

england crush colombia by penalty

The Three Lions dominated the game since the early minutes. As for Colombia can only count on counterattack in the absence of James Rodriguez who suffered injury.

A new goal was born when entering the 57th minute. Referee Mark Geiger gave England a penalty for Harry Kane was fouled in a forbidden area.

Kane then advanced as a penalty executioner. Bomber Tottenham Hotspur was kicked off towards the middle that failed ball stopped David Ospina.

Colombia is trying to build an attack in order to break the deadlock. The effort they did was sweet fruit after Barcelona defender, Yerry Mina, gore ball Juan Cuadrado shipment in the 90th minute + 3 ‘. Score draw keeps the match going into extra round.

Additional Round

Results 1-1 to make both teams have to undergo 2×15 minutes to determine the winner in this match. England try to take the initiative of attack, while Colombia chose to wait to apply counterattacks. Click here to read other great article from us.

Inggirs had a chance to lock in victory in the 113th minute. Unfortunately, Eric Dier’s header still has not met the target.

The Three Lions keep attacking for the rest of the second half of the extra round. However, their efforts did not bear fruit positive until the 120th minute. The referee then blew the long whistle and the match went into penalties.

Penalty Shootout

Colombia chose Radamel Falcao as the first executor. The captain was calmly kick off the direction of the ball failed to stop Jordan Pickford.

After Colombia, it was England’s turn. Kane became the first kicker for his team. He also returned calmly able to complete his duties as executor 12 kicks fit.

In the third kicker, Colombia was able to gain a goal. Meanwhile, England failed in the third executor who was taken Jordan Henderson.

In the fourth penalty, the Colombian executioner failed to perform his duties. Then, England became at the top of the ball because the ball results Kierran Trippier able to thrill David Ospina goalkeeper.

England also reap the benefits. Eric Dier then advanced as England’s fifth kicker. Calmly, Tottenham Hotspur defender was executing the ball to the right of Opsina. The 4-3 score for England’s victory remained.

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