Marcos Rojo Save Argentina With Late Stunning Goal !

Marcos Rojo Save Argentina – The result of the race between Nigeria vs Argentina in the 2018 World Cup Group D competition at St Petersburg Stadium on Wednesday (27/6) was closed with end points 1-2.

marcos rojo save argentina

Marcos Rojo Save Argentina With A Late Stunning Goal

The first half even started between Nigeria vs Argentina, Lionel Messi dominated control of the ball since the first minute, the first chance made Nigeria past Etobo who released Nigeria’s first strike in the 7th minute, his shot from behind the penalty box was blocked Argentine players.

Argentine players do a lot of their own mistakes with the less precise operands. Moses fired his boxed shot still over the crossbar of the Argentine goalkeeper Armani.

Minute 14, GOOLLLL LIONEL MESSI! A charming goal by this Barcelona star! Banega releases a long-range pass through the Nigerian defense, Messi sprints for a welcome inside the penalty box. With an excellent ball bravely tearing the Nigerian goalkeeper! Points 0-1 Argentina got a chance to qualify round 16!

Argentina Hold The Ball Possesion

After Messi’s goal, the ball is fully controlled Argentine players, operant errors are still not uncommon. Banega became commander in midfield and Messi Wait for the ball supply in front.

The 34th minute Messi back free mealui free kick, no shot is towering. Angel di Maria escapes from guard and shit into the penalty box, as well as Balogun challenge, the first yellow card!

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On the 44th minute, Iheanacho wants to welcome the ball inside the penalty box, and Rojo who fills the ball with a high kick that makes Nigeria receive a penalty. The first half closed with points still 0-1 for the benefits of Argentina.

Mascherano Gave Penalti to Nigeria

The second half begins, and soon the catastrophe for Argentina! MINUTES 49 PENALTIES FOR NIGERIA! Etobo loose corner kick, Mascherano Bear the Nigerian Balogun player in the goal mouth! The referee immediately appointed the penalty spot!

MINUTES 51 GOOOLLL Victor Moses! Moses who became the executioner of penalty kicks without the trouble of breaking the Argentine goalkeeper! 1-1 draw points and now Argentina threatened to go home fast!

In the other Group D race, Croatia has excelled in Iceland. Pavon put Perez from the stronghold of Argentina, it turns out Sampaoli want more aggressive attacks to be able to excel again.

Nigeria looks superior, they are not uncommon. Argentina through the efforts of Moses and Odion Ighalo. In 71 minutes Ndidi, hijab jilbab, menjaces above the goal.

The 75th minute back the threat from Nigeria, Moses found space and sent to the middle, beaten by Ighalo at once widened!

Marcos Rojo Nearly Gave The Nigerian Second Penalties

76 minutes PENARIES for Nigerians! Marcos Rojo is seen working handball ends gore ball inside the penalty box. Referee watch VAR there is no penalty!

Sergio Aguero entered in the 80th minute break Tagliafico. Higuain chance when looking for feedback from Rojo, the ball does not include the target!

85th minute Nigeria Opportunity! Banega off the free kick from outside the penalty box, and Etobo slid it with a shot, the ball falling over the Argentine goalkeeper!

86 Minutes, GOOOOOLLL MARCOS ROJO !!! Mercado uses crossing and runs with the first kick by Rojo entering Nigeria’s goal and the points change to 1-2!┬áMarcos Rojo Save Argentina to advance at knock-out stages,

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